Do you ever think about little decisions you’ve made, decisions so little that there is no possible way they could have had any effect whatsoever on anything else — and wondered if they did, in fact, have some effect?

For instance, my lunch today was a sandwich that I bought from Arby’s. As tends to happen when eating a sandwich, at some point during my meal, I was faced with the choice between taking a bite from the left side of the sandwich or the right side of the sandwich. I don’t remember which one I chose, because it really doesn’t matter, but let’s just say I chose left.

Now, the decision doesn’t affect anything. It doesn’t affect the time it took to eat the sandwich, it doesn’t affect how much the sandwich cost, it doesn’t affect the taste or the warmth of the bread — it literally has no affect on anything whatsoever.

But what if it did?

What if, by choosing the left side (or whichever one I actually did), I somehow… I don’t even know, saved the world or something?

what if man

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    Is it strange that I’ve thought of this while nothigh?
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