geekyvamp replied to your post: I’ve always found the concept of the stereotypical…

well, clearly it is performative. it’s not a natural biological thing that comes from liking cock. it’s a means of performing “I am gay” - a signal to others. that’s why not all gay men do it, because they don’t want to define themselves that way.

That’s my initial reaction to it, but that feels really offensive to me.

I’m curious: You’re in Australia; does the stereotypical voice happen over there? Or is that purely an Americanism?

  1. secret-icecream-empress said: sorry - just saw this. yes, it happens here, and in the UK as well. I know malaysians who do it too!
  2. theworstblogger said: It might seem offense but that’s what I think too? That it’s a kind of signal, or maybe how some gay guys expect they should talk so people know.
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